Pickup & Delivery

"Eastway Kennels....is part of my family !!! Since I was a little girl I have trusted the love and the care Eastway has given to my most loved poodles in my life. From Pixie to Pebbles + Bambi and now Holly + Sienna. They love their times there with playtime to cuddling with the amazing owners and staff. Life sometimes doesnt allow us to bring our " babies " with us.... so if you love your pets as much as I do.... then Eastway is the place. You can be sure to have peace within knowing they are being taken such good care."

Liz Manley

Visitors or travel or whatever other reason inspires a trip to the kennel, nine times out of 10 it's a hectic time in our lives. We're juggling travel arrangements (getting to the plane on time, catching a train, or just heading out on the road to beat traffic). Adding the pickup and drop off our pets can only add to the stress and frustration we can feel during these times. Which can translate into a stressed pet as well.


Have your pet arrive at the kennel in a healthy frame of mind. If you don't want to opt for bringing your cat or dog in a day early and picking them up a day later, why not arrange for our pet pickup and delivery? We can even arrange airport pick-up and delivery so you miss as little time with your pet as possible and only have one real concern: getting to your flight on time. 

Eastway Kennels as a vehicle set up to transport your pet safely to and from the kennel. We'll arrange pick up times and drop offs to meet your needs, and ensure that you have one less thing to worry about. 

Call us for rates and reservations.