Dog Boarding

"We have used the Eastway Kennels on a number of occasions and our Molly has been well looked after.  The owner and staff are very friendly and knowledgeable and the kennel is well maintained.  I’ve referred several friends and family members and  everyone has been satisfied with the services.  Molly will be returning to Eastway while we are away and her sister, Sally, will be joining her."

Irene Bilinski

We have a variety of special services just for your dog. Our core service is, of course, boarding. At Eastway Kennels we have a specially designed and built facility focused on providing your dog with a great stay. Our kennels are fully heated in the winter and air conditioned in the summer, and each private compartment includes a covered outside run. Because some dogs like a breath of fresh air.

But sometimes that's not enough. Dogs are our friends and companions for a reason. They're social, they like to hang with us and they like to hang with other dogs. To enhance your pet's stay and give him the playtime he craves, you can arrange for special play or walks on our 25 acre property. Play time can be with "the pack" if your dog is a social animal or if they prefer humans-only, our staff is happy to oblige.

At Eastway Kennels we focus on providing your dog with the care and attention he or she is used to. We work with you to create a custom package that ensures your dog has all the comforts of home (and maybe a little extra). Remember if you're too rushed, we can arrange to drop off or pick-up your pet as well.

Our Boarding Packages

Basic Boarding

All of our base packages offer the same great Eastway Kennels services that make us the premium boarding facility in Eastern Ottawa. We focus on providing your dog with the core requirements for a healthy pet at a reasonable rate. We make kenneling with Eastway very affordable. You simply provide the food in a nice solid container (rather than a bag).  Keeping your dog on his or her core diet helps minimize any digestive issues during their stay and on their return.

Our basic boarding includes:  

  • daily kennel cleaning and disinfection
  • fresh bedding daily
  • water dishes
  • we can provide dry food only but there is an additional cost of $2.00 per day per pet

Premium Boarding Services

Extras are what make our boarding services exceptional and your dog's stay (possibly) unforgettable (for the right reasons). If your dog is high energy, we have playtime and walking packages you can add on to your basic boarding fees at a very reasonable rate. You can also opt in to get your dog bathed and groomed during their stay, so they return to you in their finest form. And if you're looking for a little better behavior with the new good looks, we have in-kennel training available as well. 


Playtime is held in an enclosed area where the dogs can run off leash. Social dogs can run and play with other dogs. Non-social dogs can enjoy playing with one of our staff. We play fetch, and have Frisbees, balls, and tie-ropes to entertain your dog. See it in action: check out our playtime video.

$3.00 / day (per dog)
Each playtime package is two 45-minute sessions daily.



walking dogs


Our 25 acre property boasts walking paths for dogs who just can't live without the routine of their daily walk. Dogs are walked on leash (for safety) by our dog-loving staff. 

$3.00 / day (per dog) 
Each walks package includes two 20-minute walks daily. 





Some dogs (we don't judge) may have a slight Kong addiction. We understand. So we've built a special package just for them. We provide cheesy or peanut butter Kongs to the discerning dog who just can't do without their Kong.

$3.00 / day
Each Kong package includes one Kong stuffed with cheese or peanut butter. 



Additional Services

Baths & Grooming

We offer full grooming services (and bathing) for your dog during their stay. Our groomer, Joanne, is an experienced dog groomer comfortable with all breeds of dogs. Call our staff today for a quote. 


Medications have become very much a part of our pets lives. If it's their routine thyroid medication, or pain medication for arthritis, we have experienced staff ready to keep your dog on their schedule. Because every dog's medication requirements are different, please contact us to go over their medication needs so we can ensure the safe and effective delivery of their medications. At that time we will quote you on the costs for administering their medications on a daily basis. 

Airport Pick-up & Delivery

Often vacation or travel for work is hectic enough. We offer the convenience of home or airport pick-up and delivery of your pet so that you can get on your way without having to worry about dropping off the dog(s). Check out our service in more detail. [LINK]

Canine Vaccinations

We follow the standard protocols for vaccinations when kenneling to ensure your pet (and the pets he or she interacts with) stay healthy during their stay. Required vaccinations: Bordetella*, Distemper, Hepatitis, Parainfluenza, Parovirus, and Rabies

  • *NOTE: You must request the Bordetella vaccination in addition to the regular vaccines you receive from your vet. It must be given 7 days prior to arrival.
  • Canine vaccinations must be administered at least 1 week prior to boarding.
  • Please present proof of annual vaccinations (A signed certificate is available from your veterinarian) upon arrival or it can be emailed to us at